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Detective Conan Movie 15 720p Or 108020

Review: Detective Conan Movie 15 - Quarter of Silence

Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, is one of the most popular and long-running manga and anime series in Japan. Created by Gosho Aoyama, the series follows the adventures of Shinichi Kudo, a teenage detective who was turned into a child by a mysterious organization and now solves cases under the alias of Conan Edogawa. The series has spawned over 1000 episodes, 29 feature films, and numerous spin-offs and specials.

Detective Conan Movie 15 720p Or 108020

The fifteenth film in the franchise, Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence, was released in Japan on April 16, 2011. The film celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the anime adaptation and features a plot involving a bombing threat, a dam construction, and a group of childhood friends with a dark past. The film was well-received by fans and critics alike, earning over $47 million at the box office and ranking as the second highest-grossing Detective Conan film at the time.

Plot Summary

The film begins with a threatening letter sent to Yuuichiro Asakura, the governor of Tokyo, who is about to inaugurate a new subway line. The letter warns that a bomb will go off if the ceremony is not canceled. Conan Edogawa and the Detective Boys are on their way to the event when they spot explosives planted under the subway tracks. Conan manages to alert the police and stop the train in time, preventing any casualties.

Conan suspects that the culprit is related to Asakura's political career, especially his involvement in the construction of a dam in Kitanosawa, a fictional town in Niigata Prefecture. The dam project forced the residents of Kitanosawa to relocate to a new village, while their old homes were submerged under water. Conan decides to investigate the case further and convinces his friends and family to join him on a trip to Kitanosawa.

There, they meet a group of locals who were childhood friends and former residents of Kitanosawa. They are Keisuke Yamao, Mizuki Toono, Fuyumi Tachihara, Takehiki Mutou, and Shougo Hikawa. They reveal that they have gathered for the first time in eight years, since Yamao was released from prison after serving time for killing Toono's sister, Natsuki Toono, in a hit-and-run accident. They also introduce Tachihara's son, Touma Tachihara, who has just woken up from an eight-year coma with no memory of his past.

The next day, Hikawa is found dead in a field with a gunshot wound to his head. The police initially rule it as a suicide, but Conan notices some inconsistencies and deduces that it was actually a murder. He also finds out that Hikawa was the one who sent the letter to Asakura and planted the bomb under the subway tracks. He had a grudge against Asakura for approving the dam project, which caused his family to lose their home and his father to commit suicide.

Conan realizes that Hikawa's murder is connected to Natsuki's death eight years ago, which was also not an accident but a deliberate act. He discovers that Natsuki was pregnant with Yamao's child and planned to elope with him, but someone sabotaged their car and caused them to crash into Touma, who was riding his bike nearby. Natsuki died on the spot, while Touma fell into a coma. Yamao took the blame for the incident and went to jail.

Conan then identifies the true culprit behind both crimes: Mutou, who was secretly in love with Natsuki and jealous of Yamao. He killed Hikawa to silence him and framed Yamao for Natsuki's murder. He also reveals that he has planted another bomb at the dam and intends to blow it up along with himself and everyone else in Kitanosawa.

Conan manages to expose Mutou's crimes and stop him from detonating the bomb with the help of his friends and allies. He also helps Touma recover his memory and reunite with his mother. Asakura apologizes for his role in the dam project and promises to compensate the villagers for their losses. Conan and his companions return to Tokyo with a new appreciation for life and friendship.


Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence is a thrilling and emotional film that showcases the best aspects of the series. The film has a complex and engaging plot that keeps the viewers guessing until the end. The film also explores the themes of revenge, regret, forgiveness, and friendship in a realistic and touching way. The film does not shy away from showing the dark and tragic consequences of human actions, but also offers hope and redemption for the characters.

The film also features some impressive animation and sound effects that enhance the atmosphere and suspense of the story. The film has several action-packed and breathtaking scenes, such as the subway bombing, the car chase, the avalanche, and the dam explosion. The film also has some humorous and heartwarming moments, such as Conan's interactions with his friends and love interest, Ran Mori.

The film is a must-watch for fans of Detective Conan and mystery lovers in general. The film is a satisfying and memorable addition to the franchise and a fitting celebration of its fifteenth anniversary.

Where to Watch

If you are interested in watching Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence, you can find it online on various streaming platforms. However, if you want to enjoy the film in high quality and resolution, you might want to download it in 720p or 1080p formats. You can find links to download the film in 720p or 1080p on [Bilibili], [MyAnimeList], or other anime websites. Alternatively, you can also buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray versions of the film from online or physical stores.

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