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Gorislav Sobolev
Gorislav Sobolev

Eps14The Office - Season 4

Refusing to release him until that time has passed, Jake figures out that Philip is addicted to the sedative Diazepam and that his boss, Robert, had found out. He confronts Philip, and proceeds to describe what he thinks happened; Robert threatened to report Philip, so the latter snapped and hit the former with the first object he could see, a heavy glass award, calling him lucky that he was in a surgical suite and not his office because the blood was so easy to clean, before panicking and driving as far away as he could go and forgetting his phone in the panic, before remembering his uncle had a cabin. Philip constantly denies Jake's claims, before snapping and blurting out that he deliberately chose the surgical suite, he deliberately left his phone behind so GPS wouldn't track him and that he killed Robert with a dental polymer, not an award which anyone would clearly notice had gone missing.

Eps14The Office - Season 4

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