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The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) was completed over the 36-year period of 1979 through 2014. The CFSR was designed and executed as a global, high resolution, coupled atmosphere-ocean-land surface-sea ice system to provide the best estimate of the state of these coupled domains over this period. You may download daily CFSR data (precipitation, wind, relative humidity, and solar) in SWAT file format and CSV for the entire period in a zip file by continent.

Download File

Download File:

Each zip file contains daily precipitation, wind, relative humidity, and solar data in SWAT file format and CSV for 1979-2014. This data is available as is and there are no plans to update it in the future. More recent global weather data for SWAT is available at the W3S-Water website (please contact for help with the W3S-Water website).

I just bought an AT&T Cingular Flip phone, and I would like to download ringtone MP3s. However, there is no way to transfer files from a desktop, so I'm wondering how to get the downloaded files onto the phone. Is there any way to send an email attachment as an MMS, for example? Or if I emailed them to myself, would I be able to use the phone's browser to access my email and download them as email attachments onto the phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In order to learn how to download an attachment which is already inside a message, please visit our Device Support page. Once there, click on Tutorials > Email & messaging > Send & receive messages. You will want to select the desired message, and click on Options in the lower left hand side. You should see Save Objects after scrolling a short distance.

Select New Recording to begin recording. During recording, the display shows recording time. Press the Shortcuts Key to Pause recording, Press the Menu Key to Stop recording, then select whether to save it. After recording, press the Shortcuts Key and select List, select the file and then press the Shortcuts Key to access Options:

Going back to your original question, regarding how to copy music files to your phone, the first thing you need to do is press Menu Key > Settings > Connections > USB Connection > Change it to Mass Storage. The steps which follow are different depending on your exact phone model:

  • An unlikely pair, the baby (stellar-mass) and supermassive black holes enjoy just doing what they do best. For the supermassive black hole, it's being, erm, super massive. The baby loves crying.Download a .zip file of all other black hole friends stills HERE (Right click and select "save linked file as")"type="image/png">

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  • BlackHoleFriends_Stills.png (1022x348)

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  • While we could just write out "Black Hole Week," we decided it would be more fun to make the "o" a black hole. Fun fact: If you squished the mass of Mars into a sphere the size of that "o," it would turn into a black hole!Download a .zip file of all text treatment stills HERE (Right click and select "save linked file as")"type="image/png">

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  • To evoke a bold, retro feel, our primary font is Futura PT Bold. Also, we'll often write in all caps or small caps for headings and large labels.For smaller labels, footnotes, and other special cases that call for something lighter or more organic, Coniferous is our alternate font."type="image/png">

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Dubh-Linn by James L. Nelson is a riveting thriller that is incredibly suspenseful and well written for great fiction readers. If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download its ePub, PDF or Mobi formats just in a few clicks.

Click on the button given below to initiate the downloading process of Dubh-Linn by James L. Nelson free. You can download your file in ePub, PDF or Mobi format free of cost. You can also Download The Curse of Capistrano by Harrington Strong ePub.

All the information on this website, in whatever form (text, images, video and/or sound clips, downloadable files, etc.), is the property of Boom uitgevers Den Haag (BuDH), unless expressly stated otherwise. BuDH does its best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date, but this may not always apply to all sections. BuDH and its employees assume no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may occur as a result of the possession or use of information obtained from this website.

  • As well as reading our description of each walking route, you can read about the experiences of others users on this walk and others.There are 50 user reports for this walk - click to read them.Write your own walk report on Walkhighlands to share your experience. 150 of gear to be won from Highlander for the best reports each month. Add this walk to your wishlist. Currently 3.98/545User RatingLog in to voteGrade (key)Bog Factor (key)Walk StatisticsDistance11.5km / 7.25 milesTime (summer conditions)3.5 - 5 hoursAscent725m (Profile)Start Grid RefNS359930Summits ClimbedFionaBeinn DubhMapping and GPSView / print our online route map

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  • Buy OL39 Loch Lomond North

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Walk DescriptionStage 1There is a large car park in Luss village (charge). Head along the road in the direction of the centre of the village, almost immediately turning right towards the primary school. A path ahead ascends steps to climb up to a footbridge over the thunderingly busy A82. On the far side is an attractive house; go through the kissing-gate to its left. Once through the gate, immediately turn right over the stile and head uphill through the field behind the house, aiming for a gate below the woods.

A small cairn marks the top of the ridge, whilst just a short distance further on the head of Loch Lomond comes into view, whilst the mountains of the Arrochar Alps look magnificent, including the distinctive profile of The Cobbler, with the highest peak of Beinn Ìme to its right. Many walkers go this far around the circuit and then return to Luss the same way, thus avoiding the boggier second half of the round; however if you have time it is well worth completing the circuit. The fence soon leaves the ridge and descends to the right but the path continues on the high ground ahead.

Steps Information for this station Station ID Date(YYMMMDD) Equipment Change Type/or Event ID EarthquakeMagnitude Distance(km) STKA08MAY29 usp000g826 6.3 116.4STKA14SEP01 usc000s8ny 5.5 68.9STKA14SEP07 usb000sa3x 5.5 69.3STKA14SEP15 usb000scfz 5.5 69.8STKA14SEP29 usb000sh06 5.6 72.6STKA14OCT07 usb000sjhk 5.5 78.4STKA14OCT15 usb000smcv 5.5 39.5Distance is from this station to earthquake epicenter in km. A potential step record appears when this distance is less than 10^(M/2 - 0.79) where M is earthquake magnitude.Steps for all stations are given in the master step file database.

Haven't used iTunes in a year or so. I used to be able to convert files bought from iTunes store to MP3 format so I could load them onto my MP3 player. That option is no longer available on the current version of iTunes. Researched the Help files, but after digesting them found a note at the bottom that said the solutuions provided won't work with music purchased from iTunes Store!!!

So, these answers are somewhat dated. I would like to download all of my albums and single songs from my iTune library to my PC in an mp3 format (I don't have very many of either). The suggestions given before seem centered on using a Mac, iPod or other Apple product and it seems that once you make these changes in the preference window, then that is the default download for future purchases. What are your thoughts now? Please keep in mind that I am not a strong user of Apple products. When you answer please use simple language and step-by-step instructions. Thanks in advance for your help. I always get good answers from Apple community.

The option to save/convert to MP3 format does not come up on my pop-up menu; it shows up on the file menu. But when I use it, it does not convert the file. It says, the song "could not be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats."

I just discovered this - open RealPlayer, then go to Window/Open Real Player Converter and you can drag and drop the necessary music files, and it offers a number of conversion options, as wells a customization option. Hope that helps!

The point of DRM is to limit your use of the content, such as making copies in another format free of DRM. You might be able to burn to CD and then rip back to a format of your choice. It depends on what limitations are imposed, and typical audiobook files may be larger than a single CD. Burning to disc was possible with 128k protected audio files sold up until 2009, but isn't possible with Apple Music items, which are designed to work only while you have an active subscription. 041b061a72

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