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12 Am Madhyarathri Kannada Movie 28

12 Am Madhyarathri Kannada Movie 28 - A Review

12 Am Madhyarathri is a 2012 Kannada horror movie directed by Prabhakar and starring Kashinath, Abhimanyu Kashinath, Mamatha Rahuth, Divya Sridhar and Shalini. The movie revolves around the revenge of a ghost who was killed by a politician's son. The movie was released on August 10, 2012 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.



The movie begins with Shalini (Shalini), a medical student, who is a bold and outspoken girl. She does not tolerate any injustice or harassment from anyone. One day, she slaps a politician's son who tries to molest her in the college. The politician's son vows to take revenge on her. He hires some goons to kill her and make it look like an accident. However, Shalini's spirit does not rest in peace and starts haunting her friend Trishul (Abhimanyu Kashinath), who did not help her when she was in trouble. Trishul is also a medical student and has a crush on Shalini. He feels guilty for not saving her and tries to find out the truth behind her death. He also faces the wrath of the ghost who wants him to suffer for his cowardice. The ghost also targets the politician's son and his associates who were involved in her murder. How Trishul unravels the mystery and how the ghost gets justice forms the rest of the story.


12 Am Madhyarathri is a typical horror movie with some cliched elements and predictable twists. The movie tries to create a suspenseful atmosphere with dark scenes, eerie sounds and jump scares, but fails to impress the viewers with its weak script and poor execution. The movie also suffers from poor editing, low production values and amateurish acting by some of the cast members. The movie has some comedy scenes featuring Kashinath (Kashinath), who plays a doctor and Trishul's uncle, but they are not very funny or relevant to the plot. The movie also has some romantic scenes between Trishul and Shalini, but they are not very convincing or engaging. The movie does not offer anything new or original to the horror genre and fails to scare or thrill the audience.


12 Am Madhyarathri is a mediocre horror movie that does not live up to its expectations. The movie has a weak story, poor direction, bad editing, low quality graphics and average performances by the actors. The movie is not worth watching unless you are a fan of Kashinath or horror movies in general.

Rating: 2/5


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