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Lesson 2 Homework Practice Add Integers Answers

To track lab participation, we have an online checkoff form for you to fill out as you work. Lab is not a race to find answers to exactly and only the checkoff questions-- the checkoff questions are intentionally simple and used only to record attendance and get a read on how far you got. Lab credit is awarded based on your sincere participation for the full lab period. Your other rewards for investing in lab are to further practice your skills, work together to resolve open questions, satisfy your curiosity, and reach a place understanding and mastery. The combination of active exploration, give and take with your peers, and the guidance of the TA makes lab time awesome. Hope you enjoy it!

Lesson 2 Homework Practice Add Integers Answers

Abstract: It is a lesson of learning linear equations in two steps which follows the unit on solving one-step equations and inequalities, in addition to two-step equations, basic operations with positive and negative integers are included in this unit. By the end of the unit, two-step equation examples with negative integers can be used.

Abstract: In this course, you will learn about student response systems, or clickers, an instructional technology which offers the instructor a powerful tool for evaluating student understanding and increasing student engagement. Not only will you learn about the basic capabilities, uses, and benefits of student response systems in instruction, but you will design a mathematics lesson following principles of effective question design and best practices for using a student response system in instruction.

Course Objective: Through readings and videos learners will identify the differences between authentic tasks and traditional tasks by reflecting on their own practices. Also, learners will be able to state the key elements of Problem Based Learning in a mathematics classroom. By the end, learners will be able to generate a lesson plan which is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

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