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Everett Price

The Crew (2014) PC [RePack ENG S

- Abated C-130 FCC instr strain trn'd/eval'd 3 prospects on 60 tasks--chk flt'd/cert'd 2 new FCCs, fostered CC's prgm - Abetted ECS; led removal of 8 actuators for duct repair--enabled G20 Summit/45 flt hrs/4 sorties/24/7 C3 ops- Ability to lead; led night shift PAR team for 20 AMXS during Feb 2010 ORE--contributed to overall success - Absolutely superior NCO; extensive equipment knowledge prevented excessive downtime of critical assets - Absorbed 5-level CDC knowledge like a PIG MAT--consummated a near perfect 99% average over 3 volumes- Absorbed specialized chaffing awareness trng; completed 8 modules/2 hrs instruction--enhanced acft T/S skills - Accepted challenges enthusiastically/performed in professional manner; exceeded expectations--promote now! - Accomplished 1K maintenance actions/95 inspections; 95% in-commission rate--maintained 100% pass rate - Accomplished 6 hours ahead of schedule; ensured equipment serviceable status--secured vital availability - Accomplished 80 maintenance and 40 scheduled inspections; contributed to 94% average in-commission rate - Accomplished cross utilization training as Production Controller; promoting diversified roles within the MXG - Accomplished faultless mx; isolated/repaired defective gear limit switch--earned "Zero Defect" QA follow-up - Accomplished five Hourly Post Flight Inspections; corrected 56 discrepancies--a/c returned to FMC status - Accomplished two hydraulic pump installations; completed vital task in just 1.5 days--sustained critical limits - Accountable to dedicated crew chief and Section NCOIC for maintenance on A-10C aircraft valued at $13.2M - Aced QA evaluation; installed fitting/seal on #3 pump w/"Zero Findings"--pivotal to shop 100% PE pass rate Feb 17' - Acft aborted for bird strike; found mark on nose radome and notified SMCO for insp; no defect noted--sortie completed- Achieved 100% QA pass rate; championed 12 QA assessments--contributed section 90% pass rate Jan-Oct '12 - Achieved engine run/inlet & exhaust inspector certifications--performing task usually performed by NCOs - Acquired 15 pax bus op license; trained four add'l personnel--increased sections deployment quals to 80% - Acquired Radio Modulator training; studiously trained 30 FP escorts--raised AOR qual from 70% to 100% - Acted as HSC tm lead; completed 203 carded items/8 delayed discreps--returned to svc 24 hrs early/avail for msn spare- Actively engaged by unit commander for knowledge/expertise; hand-selected to observe 1st AF AFOA inspection - Actively involved in sqd fitness prgm--impressively exceeds standards--set positive example for co-workers - ADCC for acft A4125; executed 155 pre-flt insp/3 TCTO's--enhanced 94% mx schedule effectiveness in FY'07 - Adept logistician; coordinated equipment forward deployment to Afghanistan to support coalition Air Forces - Adept mechanic--replaced faulty eng driven hydraulic pump during launch; vital supply sortie met w/out delay! - Adept! Troubleshot cockpit voice recorder malf as DCC--saved acft; 248 Army paratroopers jump qualified - Advanced HG trainer; devoted 70+ hrs--cultivated skills/sharpened presentation--Wg Amn of Qtr, Jan-Apr 06 - Aggressive--trnd four apprentices on 125+ tasks; reduced section's tng backlog; ensured timely 5-lvl upgrades - Aggressive; identified/procured substitute parts; repaired critical assets--reduced average downtime 9 days - Aggressively pursued upgrade training; 100% qualified on core tasks within 8 mos--scored 82% on EOC exam - Ahead of peers; completed Course 14/5 blocks >5 weeks; all tests scored - Aided 322 non-powered unit inspections; 115 discrepancies fixed--raised flight's overall serviceability 35% - Aided 917th A-10 isochronal maintenance; led depanel and phase preparation--reduced aircraft downtime 20% - Aided A/R specialist w/flt control mx; removed/repaired rudder - Aided Comm/Nav during "red ball" maintenance; removed/replaced SIRU; saved vital SOUTHCOM intel msn - Aided deployed support unit's relocation; led team/moved 227 tool kits/supplies--no delay to world wide msn - Aided electrics technican troubleshoot/repair anti-skid failure during "red ball"--32 aircrew trng reqmnts met - Aided Guidance/Control w/ADI "red ball"--acquired parts/assisted installation--increased system knowledge - Aided in 1500 hr fan blade insp--completed in 8 hrs--8 hrs ahead of schedule--Airman of the Month Nov 06 - Aided inspection section supervisor during manning shortage; enhanced job knowledge--promote immediately - Aided jet shop w/60-hr eng insp; confirmed integrity of $2.5M sys--raised Mx Schd Effectiveness rate to 90% - Aided job exhausted hydr unit; finished landing gear strut re-pack in 14 hrs vs 18--drove 84% Sept '07 MC rate - Aided organization of summer Vacation Bible School Program for 40+ kids--groomed youth's spiritual values - Aided propulsion shop w/MEC change; finished 2 hrs early/secured 38th AMU's 87% MC rate--14% > AF std - Aided propulsion specialist replace starter during a/c launch--ensured aircrew weapon school qualifications - Aided Repair/Reclamation section; assisted w/troubleshooting/repair of spoiler system--alleviated mx delay - Aided specialist w/60-hr eng insp; confirmed integrity of $2.5M sys--elevated MSE to exceptional 90% rating - Aided w/anti-skid fault isolation/repair quick-turn sortie--salvaged second msn--factor to 98.7% OTTO rate - Aided w/two flow controller replacements--reduced 12 hr task to 8-hrs--HHQ surveillance msn met w/o delay - Aided Weapons Instructor Training course; performed 600 line deliveries--1K simulated combat sorties flown - Air University Air Frame & Power Plant course; General Aircraft- in progress; final goal is FAA certification - Alleviated manning shortfall; assisted with wash/de-panel of four phase aircraft--enabled critical maintenance - Alleviated OMS manning shortfall; procured PHM data trng--processed 189 sorties/250 flt hrs for P&W Jan '16 - AMU increment monitor--moved 40 short tons of cargo/hazardous material--received ORE "Top Performer" - AMU's premier crew chief! Briefed ACC Daedallian team on RIVET JOINT msn--efforts secured ACC win - Analyzed Canopy ICAW assert; CANN canopy lock lever swithc--guaranteed first ever 6 pilots graduation B-course - Analyzed CMDS fail; R2'd faulty programmer in half of 4 hr avg--actions key to Wg's 92% home-station DRR - Analyzed FL-1D light cart failure; pinpointed faulty voltage regulator--replaced in 2 out of 6 allotted hours - Analyzed power unit discrep; changed LRU in 2 hrs/cut std by 60%--eng start capes restored/yrly QA eval pass - Analyzed/repaired failed diesel engine starter; utilized on-hand assets for component rebuild--saved AF $1K - Anchored AMU in AF Portal-based trng record conversion; assisted/trained other sections--met ACC deadline - Anchored PACAF deployment; spotted engine oil leak/tightened line--captured North Korea nuclear response - Applied HC-130J unapproved runway mods; enabled 23d MXG 2014 ACC Daedalian Trophy--promotion rdy- Appointed as AGE Flight Support NCOIC; meticulously managed several accounts--prevented zero shortfalls - Appointed flight NCOIC during Aug and Oct Phase II OREs; enhanced war fighting capability of 26 personnel - Appointed Team Chief of F-15 crane lift--flawlessly lead team of 10 personell to a zero defect crash exercise! - Area lead inspector; supervised completion of 12 area inspections--key to 2 BW flying 11.2K hours FY09/10 - Arranged four a/c phase washes; coordinated manning with nine workcenters--fortified 14-day phase process - Assessed 156 mo proficiency loads; rectified 11 safety/reliability errors--zero wpns mishaps in 1200+ sorties- Assisted 2 MDG in a Major Accident Response exercise; vol d as casualty--enabled accurate training scenario - Assisted 36 EAMXS w/unscheduled mx; replaced MLG assembly--completed task 1 hour ahead of schedule - Assisted 733 AMS ground ops; utilized CMA qual/escorted 6 crgo K-loaders--keyed 40K ST of crgo uploaded/dlvrd- Assisted 97 IS w/ tracking antenna change--collected 8.2K hrs of ISR data--vital to OEF/OIF ELINT efforts - Assisted A/R; reinstalled repaired flap--selfless work ethic drove 71% 12-hr fix rate--16% above ACC std - Assisted Aero Repair replace five landing gear trucks--contributed to 1,404 June flt hrs--highest mo in 3 yrs - Assisted aero repair with flap replacement; ensured next ISR msn--siezed AMU of the Month, Apr/May 2007 - Assisted Army with a/c recoveries for '10 Airshow; parked two helicopters--events enjoyed by 225K patrons - Assisted avionics techs w/"red ball" flt display processor unit replacment--factor to 93% on-time takeoff rate - Assisted broken tool monitor; ordered/repaired 33 parts--returned all items FMC/saved AF $2K in replacement costs - Assisted C17 vertical stab panel change from bird strike damage; accelerated cure ck--expedited 2 Helo's to AOR - Assisted Comm/Nav technicians troubleshoot & repair UHF malfunction--successfully met crew trng reqmts - Assisted Comm/Nav; replaced GPS during launch/saved SOUTHCOM msn--gathered 8.5 hrs of vital Intel info - Assisted Communication Navigation specialist w/stellar unit replacement during "redball"--launched on-time - Assisted Corrosion Preventative Inspection; depaneled/repaneled a/c--returned four a/c to flying schedule - Assisted electrician troubleshoot/repair engine generator malfunction--vital HHQ sortie launched w/out delay - Assisted engine technicians remove and install 2 generators--prevented potential IFE electrical system failure - Assisted environmental specialist remove leading edge/repair bleed air leak--launched AES tng sortie on-time - Assisted flightline engine run; provided ground safety and fire coverage support--alleviated manning shortage - Assisted flightline with launch/recovery of nine aircraft; alleviated manning shortage--aircraft launched on time - Assisted guidance/control element replace critical eng instrument during "red ball"--on-time HHQ msn launch - Assisted hydraulic mechs w/erratic pressure indication; R2'd shorted transmitter--solidified unit's

The Crew (2014) PC [RePack ENG S

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