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Gorislav Sobolev
Gorislav Sobolev

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Enveloped Signature Profile: One or more signatures are added to the UBL document inside a single identifiable and dedicated UBL extension. Other UBL extensions MAY be present provided they have different identifiers so that they can be distinguished from the one that contains the document signature(s). This profile is defined such that UBL content processing can be separated from electronic signature processing, both on the issuing side and on the receiving side, and specialized applications can be devoted to each function. The UBL application does not need to be electronic signature aware, and the electronic signature application does not need to be involved in the management of the UBL syntax. A signature business object in the UBL document may reference a particular electronic signature in the extension.

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Detached Signature Profile: The signature is outside the UBL document content in another information resource. Some mechanism has to be defined by the implementer to send or make available the signature to the recipient. This method of signing may be identified in the UBL document. This approach can be useful to avoid or minimize any kind of modification to the UBL document and is compatible with other signature methods not explicitly referenced by this profile.

The code lists included in the UBL 2.1 distribution use an OASIS Standard XML format for code lists called [genericode]. Each code list in the distribution occupies its own genericode file. Documentation on the UBL code lists is contained in a generated report file: 041b061a72

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