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Dt0c Img Pes 2013 Checked WORK

This are all models that were in PES2012 that are not present in PES2013.INSTRUCTIONS:Copy 'dt0c.img' into your kitserver 'img' folder. If you don't use kitserver import the bin files in your 'dt0c.img' file.For kitserver, add the folowing to your kitserver config.txt file so techfit and tight kits would work correctly:techfit.model = 113techfit.model = 114techfit.model = 115techfit.model = 116techfit.model = 117techfit.model = 118tight.model = 110tight.model = 111tight.model = 112Explanation of previews:Photos are from PES2012. The first number of the folder represents new PES2013 model number, the second number is old PES2012 model number.Hopefully I made no mistakes with renaming the bins, and I hope I didn't forget any model from 2012 that is missing in 2013.

dt0c img pes 2013 | checked

Download Zip:

Requirements:.NET Framework 4.0Features:*About Players**İmport Face and Hair to dtoc.img**Player İmport & Export**Player Import Pes 2012 Wild Editor Player File**Edit Player Name**Edit Basic Settings**Face & Hair Relink**Edit Accessories**Edit Motion**Edit Position**Edit Special Skill Cards**Edit Basic Ability**Adjust Ability**Edit Body SettingsHow to use;* open exe* open dt04.img* select player mode ( match mode, copa mode ) because they have diffrent files.* select any player* make changes* click apply changes* after finish your works, file/save* that's finishhow to import face or hair,* select any player* relink face id and hair id* open* drag & drop face or hair file on white panel* click import files to dt0c.img* apply changes* save* finishcredits;* zlib.NET* freeimage.NET If you used my tool, pls write my name on credits

Merhabalar arkadaşlar bu makalede sizlere pes 2013 oyununun sistem dosyası olan dt0c.img dosyasının linkini vereceğim.Alt trafta linki rahatlıkla bulup indirebilirsiniz.Sağlamdır kendim upload ettim ve sisteme yükledim.Eğer yamalarımı kullanmadıysanız yamalar kısmından pes 13 yamalarına girerek en güncel yamalarımızı kurarak oynunuzu zevkli hale getirebilirsiniz.Linki Bulamayan yorum atsın.

Cómo se usa:1. extract unnamed_29.bin from dt04.img If you have dlc extract unnamed_1977.bin from dt0f.img2. start tool and open-Normal(unnamed_27.bin)dt04.img-DLCunnamed_1977.bin from dt0f.imgOpen ModeNormal = File > Open Boot(s)Drag and Drop Move File to List(Boot(s)3.Open Preview Boots-Open Previewextract unnamed_6356.bin from dt0c.img and extract unnamed_2157.bin from dt0f.img

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